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What Are Some Top HVAC Misconceptions?

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When discussing the subject of HVAC systems in Austin, there is an overwhelming amount of misinformation on the internet. So, we understand how it can be very confusing when buying a new HVAC system or trying to run yours optimally. However, we’re here to debunk a lot of common myths and misconceptions about all things dealing with air conditioning systems in Austin. If your home’s HVAC system is acting up or not cooling as it should, you’re probably Googling for any answers you can find. What you’ll actually find is that many HVAC problems are brought on by having a misconceived notion about your unit and HVAC care in general. We’re here to set the record straight though. We’ll debunk some of the top HVAC misconceptions that might be causing you to be uncomfortable in your own home. We’ll cover everything from energy efficiency myths to unraveling common HVAC maintenance misconceptions. So, let’s jump right in and lead off with the first HVAC misconception.

You Don’t Need To Change The Filters Often

Even as the newer generation of HVAC systems in Austin are leaps and bounds better than units 10 years ago it doesn’t mean they’re bulletproof. In fact, you can actually run down a high-end unit very easily by not changing the air filter as often as you should. Often homeowners mistakenly think that just because they can’t see any debris or dirt on their filter that everything is good. However, even if you can’t see any dirt, it doesn’t mean that your filter isn’t full of allergens and other nasty particles that can damage your air quality. It’s actually quite important to change your HVAC filters regularly – at least every three months, and even more often if you have pets in your home or serious allergies. Putting a fresh filter in at this frequency will help keep your air cleaner as well as helping your air conditioning unit run as efficiently as possible.

Lowering The AC As Far As It Will Go Will Cool Your Home Faster

This misconception is actually somewhat believable because one would think it makes sense that the colder the air that’s blowing out the quicker the home will cool. However, the only thing it will do quicker is raise your utility bill, quite substantially in fact. Let us explain So what happens when you crank the AC to the lowest temperature and full blast your system works overtime. That uses a lot more energy than a gradual cooling off at a steadier pace. Think of it like a vehicle if you gun it once you see a green light your gas consumption increases exponentially. However, if you gently press the pedal and gradually accelerate it’s a much more efficient journey to your desired speed. The same applies to HVAC systems in Austin homes. Listen, we know with this Texas heat wave that it’s tempting to walk in from work and throw the AC down to 68°. However, if you’re patient you put less wear and tear on your system and less wear and tear on your wallet with a lower energy bill.

Newer HVAC Units Don’t Need As Much Maintenance

So with newer HVAC units, it is true that they will run much more efficiently than older generation units. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require the same amount of care. Whether old generation or new generation, HVAC systems in Austin Are still mechanical pieces of equipment. More efficient or not they still will need regular maintenance and will eventually have parts that wear out. If you fail to get regular maintenance on your unit you can severely shorten its life and get less return on your investment. Your system should be checked at least twice a year where calibrations are performed lubrication of bearings and many other different services. All of the services performed are completed because they help keep the system running as close to brand new as possible. Especially with the brutal Texas summer we’ve had, AC units are being worked very hard, so maintenance is absolutely critical.

You Can DIY All Your HVAC Repairs

Let’s face it, we live in the YouTube generation. If you don’t know how to do something whether it’s cooking a meal or fixing an appliance you can look up how to do it on YouTube. However, with HVAC systems you’re dealing with a very high-voltage piece of equipment and things can go sideways really quick. Our technicians that work on your HVAC systems have many years and certifications dealing with AC systems all around the Austin area. They have the right tools the right measurement systems, the right calibration equipment, and safety gear to fix the unit properly. Additionally, working on your HVAC unit yourself with most systems will instantly void the warranty.

HVAC Units Last Forever

Just like any mechanical appliance in your home eventually, your HVAC unit will give up the ghost. Even with that being known, there are a lot of people out there that think that HVAC units last forever. As time goes on your unit will begin to break down more and it will not be as efficient as it once was. If you notice things like your energy bill gradually increasing, it’s probably time to replace your HVAC unit. If you wait too long before replacing it, you could end up having a major failure that actually costs you more.

Bigger Is Better When It Comes To HVAC Systems

This misconception fulfills the Texan stereotype that bigger is always better. However, while a larger system can indeed cool or heat your home much quicker—it doesn’t make it the most efficient option. If you’re shopping for a new HVAC system, make sure the company you hire comes and does a load calculation test to determine the size AC unit that you need. If you go too small the system will run 24/7 trying to keep cool all the rooms in the house. So, that’s going to be an expensive electric bill when it’s 107° outside. On the other hand, when you buy a system that is too large for your home it will cycle on, then cool the home extremely fast. While this may sound like a great idea that however is not. Cooling your home that quickly does not allow the unit one of the most important parts of air conditioning removing the moisture in the air or dehumidifying it. This leads to condensation buildup which can turn into a nasty dry rot in your attic or completely ruin your system.

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